Digital Health

MHRN (Mental Health Research Network)
Improving depression care through behavioral and neurological feedback.

Treatment using technology tools
Drs. Joaquin Anguera (UCSF) & Patricia Arean (UW) are working with Dr. Greg Clark (Kaiser Permanente) at the NIMH funded Mental Health Research Network to develop efficient ways for clinicians to match patients to effective treatment through the use of mobile behavioral and neuropsychological assessment tools. They have developed a simple iPhone/iPad app that can assess cognitive control in the face of distraction called ACEmh (a derivative of the ACE app developed by Dr. Anguera and the Gazzaley Lab). This study is slated to launch in July of 2015 across 3 different Kaiser sites across the United States

Our goal: To improve how patients and clinicians work together to refine treatment and treatment goals using technologies that are available to everyone!


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