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The HAPP-I (Health Apps Improvement) Study

HAPP-I Mood improvement through digital meansWhat is the premise of this study? Physical fitness, weight loss, sleep hygiene, chronic disease management, mood improvement…these were just some of the kinds of the more than 40,000 health apps that were available for download on the iTunes and Android marketplaces in 2013. Sounds good, but did you know that most of those that were downloaded were discarded after just one use? And while most of these health apps are for personal and physical fitness, apps that have a mental health focus are becoming more and more popular.

Health app on phone
What is this study trying to understand? The HAPP-I project is looking to better understand what makes a health app useful to someone, which health apps have mental health utility, what other digital technologies are people using to access health information, and how can we use this information to help design more engaging health apps, especially apps for mood management and/or mental health wellness.

Who are we looking for?

  • Anyone who has ever downloaded or used a health app on a smartphone or mobile device.
  • People who have ever downloaded a health app that has helped manage or improve their emotional/mental health.

The online study takes five minutes to complete. Click here to participate.  Consent and Privacy Information

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