Dr. Patricia A. Arean

Professor in Psychiatry at University of Washington & Co-Director of the BRIGHTEN Center.

Dr. Arean is a licensed clinical psychologist and mental health researcher. She runs several clinical trials, and has served on important health committees, including the Institute of Medicine committee for setting standards for psychosocial interventions and the National Advisory Council to National Institute of Mental Health. Her research interests are in depression, the intersection of neuroscience, environment, and quality care, mobile and digital health care, and creating new ways to help people get help for depression.

Mood and stress management strategies: Exercise, meditation, cooking, and hiking.

Favorite health apps: MyFitnessPal, DigitFit, SleepWell

Best advice: “When you lose, do not lose the lesson” (Dalai Lama) AND “Email is for making appointments and status alerts, not difficult conversations.” (Mark Himmelstien)

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