DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) – Balancing it towards Penis Growth!

Hi Guys, it’s me again, Dylan. The month of Chinese New Year was indeed softening my mind on this blog! Even though, on and off I’ve been experimenting and practicing the exercises on penis enlargement and what’s the bible recommended for supplements.

Anyway, I’ll keep this post relevant to DHT, or Dihydrotestosterone. First of all, I never notice my sexual activity had anything to do with my male baldness. Just check out my picture at the About Me page. Does it ever associates?

Well yes it does!

DHT is the potent form of Testosterone. Without it penis growth will not take place. So DHT is good for Penis Growth. However, overdoses of DHT could cause other health problem also. It can cause baldness (in my case) and prostate enlargement. This is because the penis has DHT receptors in it and the prostate and the scalp don’t.

Not to worry, to counter the DHT in the wrong areas, we simply introduce adrenaline and isoflavours. With isoflavours running through the body, the danger to the scalp or prostate is reduced into insignificance.You can get all the required isoflavours from all advacned multi-vitamin or/and mineral formulas, nuts, fruit, vegetables and from other substance introduce by the bible. This would help to detoxify your scalp and prostate from DHT and improve the performance of your liver.

Hope you guys have a brief understanding on DHT, and how does it impact on Penis Growth. I’ll be continue experimenting with this Bible and update on it soon. ‘Til then.