Dangers and Defiance cause by Penis Pump

It racks the brains of sane minds of few urologists and sex experts why people who have normal length and regular sized penis have ever thought of taking into consideration the use of penis enlargers and enhancers that are truly senseless in nature. Let us first draw the main reasons why people who are normal in all sense will think that enhancement is an option and for some, a solution. Remember, we are talking about normal people who think they need more.

  1. Peer Pressure – the main reason why a man who has enough length of penis desires for more is the pressure from those who has longer membrane down below. They would throw stones at their brother who has smaller manhood even though it falls within the normal penis length.
  2. Porn – endurance and stamina that you never had all your sex life? People on porn gives you that and your ego wants to reach that length you saw on the movie and the desperate you starts to finds ways to be as good as that man.
  3. Advertisements and Internet – the World Wide Web has become a free advertising especially when it comes to the testimonials on so called “users” of products and technology that can increase penis length.

The Reality on Enhancement through Pumps

Penis pumps are not just your ordinary pumps because there is so much danger behind this sought after technique to enhance the male membrane. What really happens when you let a pump touch your penis is this: through manual or mechanical effort, there is a force applied to the penis allowing it to be engorged in so much blood, it’s as if you are too close to climax already. And from there, a certain ring holds the engorgement allowing the penis to keep its heat because of blood trapped via the help of the vacuum. Imagine your penis that wants to explode being stopped at all cost? Won’t you say ouch? Probably you will. And later on if you have felt as if the pressure is bearable, you’ll add more force and you won’t be realizing that those sensitive vascular vessels are slow retiring and necrotizing with the pressure which isn’t supposedly applied to it. Yes, let’s agree that it can be used temporarily so that impotence can be addressed but not again and again because the permanent damage it can cause will surely be something you don’t want for yourself.

When you really want to increase your confidence by improving your penis size and your performance in bed, think first if it is really needed or if you’ve just been pressured by others. You must now digest the fact that people on porn is not people on real life. You won’t expect yourself to have that size of a penis and you won’t get to have that big manhood no matter how long you use a pump. What matters is how you can please your partner with how genuine you are.