Tech + Neuroscience = The Neuroscape Lab @ UCSF

glassbrain-lg Adam Gazzaley and colleagues have developed a lab space that truly captures the imagination when considering the current state of cognitive neuroscience. The Neuroscape Lab offers the scientific community a unique, state-of-the-art research suite to study novel neuro-diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, with the primary goal of driving rapid translation of neuroscience to real-world solutions. The initial foray of projects include:

A body-brain “exergame” leveraging the power of the Kinect with other physiological markers

The “NeuroDrummer” project using the Oculus Rift that is a rhythmic training game directed at enhancing rhythmic abilities and assessing the impact of cognition following training (

The Glass Brain Project, a Unity3D brain visualization that displays source activity and connectivity, inferred in real-time from high-density EEG that allows the user to fly around the brain with a gamepad while seeing real-time live brain activity from someone wearing an EEG cap (thus, in theory you could fly around your own brain and see your own activity!)

Please be sure to keep track of the latest coming out of this lab, as it’s sure to be spectacular!

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